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Full Moon in Taurus 2018

Anyone else feeling the palpably tense Scorpio energy in the air, yet? The Sun just entered Scorpio early this morning and we’re already building up to a physically and emotionally moving Full Moon in Taurus, which is due to culminate on the 24 (12:45 PM EDT). Ruled by Venus and conjoined to Uranus in Taurus, this lunation reflects significant shifts around relationships, value, and social contracts. What we share, expect, and long for is up for evaluation as partnerships, friendships, and exchanges continue to morph during this Venus retrograde period.

If you have personal points or angles near 0-3 of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius) or if you’re in a Venus profection year, you’d be wise to allow yourself a little time and space to process the emotional interchanges arising from the depths. Trying to bury feelings, ignore, or pretend relational issues are less significant than they are could blow up in your face when the Moon spends time with Uranus this week.

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New Moon in Libra 2018

New Moon in Libra

This week begins with an especially dark and provocative tone as the New Moon in Libra culminates Monday night. Not only has the ruler of this lunation (Venus) just stationed retrograde, but She is also in the sign of her detriment (in Scorpio). Venus in Scorpio burns with fervent desires, seeking a full spectrum of experiences with Her lover or object of passion: The euphoric enchantment of adoration, the horrid and the ugly. Venus in Scorpio compromises the New Moon in Libra’s agenda for balance, composure, and equity by doing exactly what Libra typically seeks to avoid. That is, to rock the boat.

Relaxing and enjoying the pleasures that life has to offer is much easier done without falling into the sticky bodies of emotion, which is why Venus is “in her detriment” in Scorpio. The sign Scorpio— is ruled by Mars—a planet that symbolizes separation, strife, and confrontation. Venus seeks unity and harmony. Though varied in their methods and preferences, the two often share similar desires; together they are the swaying motion of the entangled lovers.

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On the Value of Astrology Part 2

Considering Venus’ retrograde station is right around the corner (this Friday), it feels appropriate to follow up on the Value of Astrology episode astrologers Annabel, Elodie, and I recorded back on September 15. We had a lengthy and stimulating discussion about the value of astrology, including perspectives on:

  1. How much is an astrology reading worth?

  2. Where astrology fits in to the growing self-help industry

  3. Capitalism, millennials, and the potentials and limitations of the market

That said, the episode was structured to share important perspectives from two seasoned professionals in the field. But I realized afterward that I unintentionally left out where I stand on this topic and I thought it only makes sense to offer a bit of follow up on how I do business and why I charge what I do.

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