Full Moon in Aries 2018


A child can teach an adult three things… To be happy for no reason. To always be busy with something. And to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.

~Paulo Coelho

The Moon is still waxing for the next few hours until her culmination, just before 11:00 PM Est— so here I am writing my contribution to this full moon in true Aries style… last minute! …Or rather, rushing in at the last minute (Aries is usually the first to the party, but they're also often in a rush because fast is how they roll!). To be fair, my boss [baby] released me from work late today! And technically, I’m just on a short break!

Under the sign of Aries, tonight’s lunation speaks to the child within each of us. Aries is hailed as the infant of the zodiac. Cheerful, cheeky, and impulsive. Brimming with fire and innocence alike. Ambitious, confident, and unapologetic, Aries ignites and inspires everyone around them.

Though dependent on their caretakers to survive, children posses more freedom and power than those of us who have already reached adulthood. It’s the phenomenon of attachment that naturally occurs (or is meant to occur) in the first years of childhood that serves as the foundation for adjustment into our personhood later in life. Many times, that attachment gets compromised— due to life circumstances— and interrupts our chance for secure bonding. Even if we remain attached, many remain insecurely attached and more often than not, this manifests as difficulty establishing connections and feeling secure in intimate relationships.

Though exploring our sexuality and embracing pleasure is something we all have the right to, the habit of one night stands and avoiding attachment in relationships goes against human nature. The brain is flooded with feel-good hormones that promote love and attachment after sex, but scores of people are trying to avoid further involvement beyond the sheets. It’s not a judgement on how adults live their lives. To each their own. But if something feels like it’s missing in this kind of situation, consider that there are some wounds that have been carried into adulthood that need to be addressed.

Acknowledging these wounds is the first step in healing our relationship to self and others and that is what tonight’s Full Moon in Aries is about.

Conjoined to Chiron and squaring Saturn in Capricorn, tonight’s Full Moon in Aries can manifest as a suit of armor worn to shield you from getting hurt. Heavy as it may be that armor won’t work. It will only isolate you in your own darkness after snuffing out your fire. And eventually, you’ll have to set that armor aside because, let’s be honest, it really limits your ability to live, connect, and feel. Discerning protection from being totally cut off is a must during the next lunar cycle.

As a native with the Moon squaring Saturn, I can attest that it’s a very harsh state of emotion to live with. It makes the experience of connection especially challenging and riddled with anxiety. I admire those with strong Aries qualities. Light, joyful, and carefree. They truly are like children, and that’s a beautiful thing. Patience may be lacking, and anger may come in bursts (but it subsides just as quickly), but there is also an abundance of kindness and warmth to be shared. Outside of the shadow that Saturn casts, the Aries Moon feels with her entire being, just like a child does. Ever present. In the now.

Let tonight’s Moon be a source of emotional awareness. Allow Saturn to help you create and maintain healthy boundaries, but don’t let it keep you from being emotionally available to the relationships that would lift you up.

As much as I’d love to elaborate more on this full moon, I’ve got to sign off and tend to my own little fireball!


P.s. I’d like to thank my friend, astrologer Annabel Gat (the most lovely Aries) for the inspiration about children today. She just posted a podcast about this full moon which I haven’t heard yet, but she also wrote a snippet on Instagram about the concept of attachment and bonding in relationships which is what inspired my train of thought tonight! Go listen to her podcast!