The Profection Project: Documenting life through the lens of astrology and ancient timing techniques

The Profection Project was conceived as a sort of cosmic writing prompt to demonstrate the illustrious timing technique of annual profections! ancient [divinatory] timing technique which I learned how to use from Chris Brennan, a light and leader in the community of professional astrologers whose contributions [and podcast] has changed lives. Seriously. The technique has made such a profound impact on the way I practice astrology and has been so immensely useful to me that I was inspired to provide a way for more people to engage with it... and the act of reflective storytelling is an illustrative way to make the technique come alive!

What are profections? You can read a general outline about them in my Reflections, but if you're really interested I also recommend:

1. Chris Brennan's astrology course and book: Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune

2. Demetra George's: Ancient Astrology: A Manual of Traditional Techniques

3. Seven Stars Astrology blog

4. Jo Gleason's thorough (but easy to follow) breakdown of the basics: The Profectionist 

So The Profection Project is basically a progressively changing writing prompt for anyone who likes to blog, journal, or reflect; but the idea is to engage with the topic of the [astrological] house that is being profected, and its ruler.

When I first announced a call to writers, bloggers, and astrologers about this, my intention was to collect stories based on profection year themes (ie. 1st house, 2nd house, 3rd house, or Sun, Moon, Mercury, etc.). I thought organizing the release of stories in this way would be interesting, but as several people have expressed interest over the last month, I ended up opening this project to include more than one profection year [story] being shared at any given time. 

My own experience of annual profections has been memorable, but the last year I had a 12 house year and it led me to some deep work, as well as to the work of James Hillman's The Soul's Code and Dorian Greenbaum's thesis on The Bad Daimon in Hellenistic story will be ready to read soon. 

It was all too meaningful for me to not want to share. That said, I want to ask some of you to share your stories and experiences on my blog, or on your own. For those of you that have your own blogs, I'd encourage you to share it with the community so everyone can follow the stories under the name of the project: #Theprofectionproject.

If you feel called to join in this endeavor, you don't have to know astrology to participate. Including writers who aren't astrologers helps further demonstrate this concept by sharing the theme (sign/house and planetary ruler) of the profection year they are in without getting distracted too by the technical details.

If you're up to sharing your reflective experience of your profected houses, I'd love to hear your story! Please share it with us and tag me @Temple_healing_arts on your Instagram or @Temple_healing on your Twitter so I can share it too!



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