Astrology Consultation

Astrology Consultation

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Astrological Consultations [between 15-45 minutes] via Phone or Skype.

Though I love a good horoscope, astrology is much more nuanced and complex than even the longest horoscopes available to you through media publications. Without your specific birth chart: A snapshot of the sky during the moment you came earth side, an astrologer can't tell you much about your life. At least not based on astrology! Essentially, astrology is a cultural study of change, and the meaning we find from it, using the sky as a macrocosmic lens. It's a reflection of the earth/sky relationship at any given moment and a birth chart is like a cosmic fingerprint, outlining the placements of the celestial bodies throughout the sky from the second you took your first breath.

It’s woo woo. But you don’t have to believe in it. Not any more than you have to believe in language, art, or even math. Astrology operates in a non-linear, metaphorical way. It can be very poetic, but its capacity to work doesn’t require faith. You only need to be observant to participate. And the more you participate, the more aware you become. Awareness facilitates compassion as well as the gift of knowing oneself.

There are numerous types of divination available to explore the self, but astrology is one that offers access to a greater vocabulary when trying to articulate life's various experiences. Half of my job is dedicated to helping you express what you know in your heart, but can't find the words to describe. While I highly encourage others to self-study and get in touch with their own astrology, I also recommend sitting with a professional who has spent time doing the work and who can fluently speak the language of the sky.  Delineating the symbols of a chart and synthesizing it all as a coherent message requires a certain level of structure that is often not found in other forms of divination which makes for a steeper learning curve. Online software is a great start, but it can't synthesize the way a trained pro can. There are a lot of admirers of the craft, but fluency, sensitivity, and ethics are things you don’t want to sacrifice when choosing an astrologer to work with.

My approach to astrology is an integration of contemporary practices and traditional techniques, and my interest is in using it to re-introduce the awareness of magic in your life, encourage the cultivation of authentic self-knowledge, and help you recognize the connections that inform your sense of purpose in life. I aim to be thorough, precise, and informative, but ultimately I’m here to offer you an experience. The quality of the experience doesn’t depend on the accuracy of prediction (though I’m confident that you’ll encounter some uncannily accurate interpretations from our session). What you walk away with is far more valuable. And that is, a new lens to see your life through. A sense of alignment with truth, wonder, and awareness of synchronicity.

If you should choose to hire me as your star-speaker, I look forward to chatting with you!

*Please be aware before scheduling your appointment that consultations are being booked several weeks in advance .

Cosmic Constitution:  This is a great place to start if you're unfamiliar with your chart! This session centers on a bigger picture of your natal chart. We'll discuss the planetary makeup you received at birth (including the primary archetypes and themes which stand out) as well as talents and obstacles to be mindful as you continue your individual path of growth and development.

Forecast Check in:  Think of this as your periodic check on the weather. Sometimes you feel certain aspects of life heading in a general direction, but you wonder what the skies indicate up ahead. During this session we'll discuss current themes being emphasized in your chart and how that aligns with your tangible and abstract experiences, in real life. This is the most common type of consultation I offer and is a good option for affirming or re-framing current events.

The Solar Return:  Let's talk about your next year of life! The Solar Return (aka your birthday) is a time of celebration and often a time of wonder as we imagine and question, "What's next?".  This session focuses on the highs, the lows, and key areas of life activated in the year to come. This is an ideal choice when your birthday is approaching and makes a lovely, meaningful gift to friends or family members who appreciate tuning in with the signs and synchronicity!

Sun + Moon + Rising Archetype:  This is a short, sweet, and simple session that synthesizes the three most fundamental elements of your chart: the Sun, Moon, and the Ascendant (and it's ruler). Here, we'll discuss identity, emotions, and persona as a brief introduction to the whole of your chart. This option is for you if you're not sure an astrology consultation is your cup of tea, but want to learn a little bit more. If the session resonates with you and you feel called to explore your chart more deeply, consider booking an appointment for your Cosmic Constitution or a Solar Return and you'll get $5 off the next consultation.

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