Personalized Written Report

Personalized Written Report

from 90.00

A custom written report is an excellent way to stretch your dollar and get the information you want about your natal chart or about events unfolding in the present and future.

A personalized written report is for you if you want:

  • A customized report to address your specific questions or concerns [based on your birth chart] written by an experienced astrologer, (this is not a software-generated report!)

  • A professional astrologer to analyze and select which dates will be most important for you in a given time-frame

  • To receive a professional astrologer’s interpretations of the planetary transits that will reflect your life circumstances or internal experience (no more confusion about mixed google results!)

  • To be able to access and refer back to which dates will be important in the future or to reflect back on what was happening with your astrology (after a planetary transit passes)

  • Recall what your astrologer said was important about a certain time frame by simply clicking on a stored file

The options:

Seasonal Report: The seasonal written report is a great “check-in” option to get an idea of how the next three-month-period will unfold (based on a topic of your choice or based on the general focus emphasized by your chart at the time)

Annual Report: The annual written report explores the nature of the upcoming year (the most standout themes and topics or on a topic of your choice) based on select astrological timing techniques that I use to interpret your story-line

*Please be aware before ordering your report that appointments and services are being booked several weeks in advance

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