Recorded Astrology Reading

Recorded Astrology Reading

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Recorded readings are offered as a convenience service when you want to be able to access the contents of your reading whenever you need. Most people are met with so much information when they sit for a reading with me that I decided to offer recordings which they could keep and replay as often as needed. Now you can hit “rewind” on an important note about certain themes or events unfolding in your life rather than rushing to scribble down as much info as you can and missing out on the engaging experience of soaking in the message.

The options:

Seasonal Reading:  The seasonal reading is a “check-in” option to get an idea of how the next three-month-period will unfold (based on a topic of your choice or based on the general focus emphasized by your chart at the time)

Annual Reading: The annual reading explores the nature of the upcoming year (the most standout themes and topics or on a topic of your choice) based on select astrological timing techniques that I use to interpret your story-line

*Please be aware before ordering your recording that consultations and services are being booked several weeks in advance

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