Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.
— Dane Rudhyar

Hello and welcome! My name is Ashley and I'm the dreamer and creative curator of this virtual space called the Cosmic Soup Bowl! The Cosmic Soup Bowl is my latest virtual space where I dedicate my energy towards the dissemination of content related to astrology, culture, & motherhood.

Professionally speaking, I'm a consulting astrologer and writer with a background in the healing arts (more specifically acupuncture and Oriental medicine). I became a life-long student of astrology back in 2010 and have been practicing the art of consultation since early 2013.  Throughout my developing career, I've spent years honing my skills to better serve clients who come to astrology (and my interpretation of it) by taking courses with other professionals in the field, becoming more sensitive to the emotional and mental needs of clients, and learning something new with each person I work with.




Being an astrologer is such a privilege and I'm honored to be trusted, to inform, and be allowed to hold space for the people seeking to grow, align, and become aware of their authentic path. Since 2016, my work has expanded to include daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes which have been internationally published by magazines and websites including: Teen Vogue, Sanctuary World, and Elle [Australia].

That said, my role extends beyond the scope of paid work and I also devote my time and energy to my loving partner, my precious son, and tiny doggo.  When I'm not writing or consulting the stars I'm mothering my baby boy, dancing, sitting for silent tea, or catching up on anime and Hearth Stone.