Astrology of October 9-10

Photo by  Ian Espinosa  on  Unsplash

The story line of last night’s New Moon in Libra will become more develop over the next several days as the upcoming planetary configurations point to an intensely palpable energy surrounding give and take dynamics. Today, messenger Mercury dips into the psychic river of Scorpio where our thoughts and communication will be colored with deeper curiosity, introspection, and caution for the remainder of the month. Though the fixity of Mercury in Scorpio lends more decisiveness, as well as an ability to concentrate profoundly, it’s vital to remain cognizant of the tendency to become obsessed with or paranoid about the subject of our focus. There’s a greater potential for critical thinking and perceptive foresight while Mercury wades through this area of the sky; but equanimity of the mind is central to averting the pitfalls of extremism and other breeds of mental corruption.

October 10

Immediately after Mercury enters Scorpio it will oppose Uranus in Taurus. Watch for surprises, the unexpected need for last minute accommodations, and the feeling of having the rug pulled out from under you. If we have been rigid in our ways or thinking, this aspect will quickly point it out. But considering all the aspects that lead back to Venus retrograde, we can expect our methods of communication to be shaken up somehow. It might take more work to reach understandings, but to neglect the work will lead to unresolved tension.

Venus retrograde is also due to square Mars in Aquarius on the 10th, and the tension this aspect gives off will be amplified by Mercury’s opposition to Uranus. This aspect hints at sexual tension that needs an outlet; it also suggests a face-off and reach for victory. A battle between our heads and hearts ensues around this aspect. Where do we place our trust? In logic or the gut? Relying too heavily on either won’t do. A certain amount of pressure is good for accomplishing goals, but consider allowing yourself to trust in others a little more (particularly those that you try to influence); trust in the changes that you don’t yet understand; and if you reach a point where you’re going in circles with yourself (or a partner), try to take some space from the situation or conversation before further engaging.

Later this week, the Sun will square Pluto and Mercury will sextile Saturn. We’ll review these aspects in the next post!

Ashley Otero