Full Moon in Taurus 2018


Anyone else feeling the palpably tense Scorpio energy in the air, yet? The Sun just entered Scorpio early this morning and we’re already building up to a physically and emotionally moving Full Moon in Taurus, which is due to culminate on the 24 (12:45 PM EDT). Ruled by Venus and conjoined to Uranus in Taurus, this lunation reflects significant shifts around relationships, value, and social contracts. What we share, expect, and long for is up for evaluation as partnerships, friendships, and exchanges continue to morph during this Venus retrograde period.

If you have personal points or angles near 0-3 of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius) or if you’re in a Venus profection year, you’d be wise to allow yourself a little time and space to process the emotional interchanges arising from the depths. Trying to bury feelings, ignore, or pretend relational issues are less significant than they are could blow up in your face when the Moon spends time with Uranus this week.

Not only is Venus (the ruler of this full moon) retrograde, but Uranus is in Venus’ sign. Downplaying the way we really feel about something [or someone] is a recipe for a volatile outburst. The best way to address our differences is to do so honestly. This can be hard for those of us who have an aversion to conflict and tension with others, but if you find it difficult to be more diplomatic, consider that Venus is in Scorpio (Mars’ sign). Forget being “nice”. Be direct.

The danger of this is that the sense of urgency to get a message across could act like a stumbling block when letting someone know how you’re feeling. Doing so without screaming or losing control could be a real feat, but your message will be louder and clearer if you can draw your listener in. The volume and intensity of exasperation does the opposite and the feelings that are likely to bubble to the surface will require careful handling and diffusion. If the time has come to deal with toxic dynamics between you and another, or if you need to address matters of value, consider letting out any pent up rage alone, in a safe space, first. Once you’ve released a good scream, or cry, or both, you might feel it’s easier to communicate.

Other themes to be mindful of during October 2018 Full Moon in Taurus, include:

The urge to try something new

An all or nothing attitude

Sexual healing

Claiming the right to one’s body

Radical self-love

Reaping unexpected rewards from previous work

Hard and fast changes to one’s financial circumstances

Changing one’s mind last minute or several times

Defying the value of fixity by giving oneself permission to change one’s mind

A breach or update to contracts and agreements

Sudden drastic changes to one’s appearance or sense of style

Creative sparks and genius artistic ideas coming to light

Stressful or painful bodily symptoms arising after/due to anger, jealousy, or hatred

Needing to take a “break” from commitments to take care of yourself or aspects of life that have been neglected

Discovering greater independence or realizing how much you rely on someone or something

Not giving the time of day to anything that isn’t practical—unless it brings deep satisfaction

Intimately experimenting with a significant other or lover

Contemplation and discussions on the value of stability versus the value of a change that breaks up stagnation

Weighing the value of what you have versus what you want

Feeling extremely attracted to something out of the ordinary or to someone/something you previously judged as less attractive

May you find peace and a new level of groundedness and stability, wherever you are and whichever themes you’re experiencing during this full moon.

Much love