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The Value of Astrology

I’ve been interested in having this conversation (not just with the astrological community), but especially with the public, for the last three years after attending my first astrology conference (which was NORWAC 2015) and meeting several other astrologers in real life.

At that time, I had been consulting clients in astrology for two years, and had a very clear idea of how challenging it can be to make a solid living off of consults as a professional astrologer. What’s interesting is that many of the people I speak with (friends and new acquaintances) seem to voice the common held notion that astrologers are banking and making a killing from their craft. While I certainly know there are some doing very well for themselves and certainly there are professionals who are able to sustain themselves from a full time practice or by consulting as well as teaching and writing, most working astrologers that I know hold at least one other occupation in order to pay the bills.

So is there a general price range that astrological services should have? While some astrologers book out months in advance and some consult billionaires in financial and business matters which you’d expected to charge high prices to reflect that--should all astrologers being aiming to charge the same?

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