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Happy Equinox Earthlings!

Today the Sun enters the Scales of Libra marking the shift of seasons and an equal length in day and night; a ceremonious exchange between yin and yang as daylight takes a bow and recedes for the seasons where star-speckled darkness reigns.

Here, the Sun centers our attention on social affairs, fairness, and relationships. Libra is the sign of grace, diplomacy, and modesty and the Sun in Libra places higher importance on making sure that we recognize the need for balance. Traditionally, the Sun is said to be in its fall while in Libra. Astrologically, the Sun symbolizes one’s identity, self-sovereignty, and one's willpower. But keeping the desires and needs of others in mind is of utmost importance for those particularly touched by the Sun's dance through Libra, which often makes asserting the self more difficult because the self (Sun) revolves around others.

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